14 07 2010

Greatest episode of all time, 194 “Qpid”. Zomg, fantastic.

To start, there’s goatees everywhere on everyone. Awesome.Vash is back, total badass.

Sorry.“- Worf, after smashing La Forge’s lute.

Sir, I protest! I am not a merry man!“- Worf

I will not play the fool for Q’s amusement!” – Worf

Nice legs… for a Human.“- Worf, of Vash

These lines don’t sound like much when they’re typed out, but my goodness, Worf has the best lines.

Hawtness. I don’t even wanna describe it anymore, it doesn’t do it any justice. So here’s the eye candy.

Just take my advice and go find this Star Trek/Robin Hood episode. I know there’s a couple, but this one is the best. I don’t even have to watch the others to know that.


13 07 2010

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