I’m just a small town girl. My interests include: AC/DC, Air Supply, Amaretto, antiques, astrobiology, astronomy, autumn, bacon, Batman, beaches, bingo, Blackberry, blue roses, Boba Fett, bright colours, British accents, Bryan McCabe, Burlington, C-3P0, calla lilies, capes, Charlie the Unicorn, Chelsea Handler, Christmas, cranberries, cross-stitching, Dilbert, Dinosaur Comics, dinosaurs, dirty jokes, Discovery Channel, driving, earrings, embroidery, energy drinks, eyeshadow, Facebook, family, friends, friendship bracelets, funny signs, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, gnocchi, Gushers Fruit Snacks, Halloween, hockey, internet memes, Italy, James Hetfield, James Marsden, Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park, Kool-Aid, Lego Star Wars, Leo, lime green, long hair, Mandarin Buffet, markers, mashed potatoes, Matthew Good, Metallica, Michael’s Craftstore, mini-putting, mint ice cream, moustaches, nail polish, naps, Niagara Falls, notebooks, office supplies, painting, paleontology, peacock feathers, pecan pie, Post-it notes, power ballads, Pringles, prosciutto, quilting, rainbow sherbert, reading, Renaissance art, ribbon, Ricky Gervais, robots, Royal Ontario Museum, RSS feeds, scrapbooking, Shark Week, shoes, Skittles, sparkles, Star Trek, Star Wars, strawberries, sudoku, sunglasses, The Big Bang Theory, The Dean Blundell Show, Tim Horton’s turkey bacon clubs, TLC (The Learning Channel), Toronto Maple Leafs, weddings.

One response

23 10 2010
John Thompson

Love your site! I’m finishing writing a book dealing with sci-fi, and I thought it would be kind of fun to include your flickr photo of your Spock Salute embroidery. I have similar crafts images, however I kind of like yours too. If I show you as crafter, might I possibly have unrestricted permission (all future world editions/languages/derivations/ads), to sell it in my printed book as well as from the book site’s down-loadable image bank? (agreeing is like a signature). And if OK, might you have a larger [hi-rez pref tif 300 dpi 8.5″x11″ (3150 X 2400 pixels)], version? [Or with higher dpi if less pixels?].

Thank you, John Thompson


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