Love it

31 08 2010

Some guy at Fan Expo asked to take my photo then said I’d be able to find it on the Fan Expo page…found it! šŸ™‚

Fan Expo 2010

29 08 2010

My experience at Fan Expo 2010 was pretty rare- I actually had a good time. It sucks to hear all the stories that have come out about people getting denied at the doors after paying for their tickets already and having everyone saying that they waited in line for hours. But I actually enjoyed the time I had there, I got out of it exactly what I wanted: to meet Michael Dorn (Worf) + Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and to come home with lots of Star Trek merchandise. Here are some of my pics:

Getting an autograph from Michael Dorn šŸ™‚

He autographed the embroidery I did of him! yay!

Waiting in line for Peter Mayhew

Posing with R2-D2

My merch of the day! yay!

Worf Embroidery

1 08 2010

It’s finally finished! The project I’ve been working on for 2 months has finally reached completion! Woot woo! Here’s some photos:

Can’t wait to get Michael Dorn to autograph this when I meet him at Fan Expo at the end of the month!!

Away Mission, Stardate 62920.10

29 06 2010

True fact- I don’t know how to type stardates properly. Moving on, today I had my third away mission within a 6 day time frame even though I didn’t even mention the first two. AND I TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE BECAUSE THEY WERE AWESOME. By that I mean I went to the orientation sessions at head office in Brampton for my *new job*.Ā  Such a good time, Galen is as awesomeĀ  in person as the commercials would have you believe.

K now, I hate to get your hopes up, but be warned as I’m going to go ahead and mix my fandoms. Click the red x box at the top right of your screen if you’re not into that. Life ain’t Trek-related all the time…

So today I had my first real day at work in St.Catharine’s.Ā  As this isn’t your typical job and is more of a ‘get-paid-to-learn’ thing, it’s got a Dagobah kinda feel to it- go on your own for awhile, train, level up, and kick the Alliance’s ass.

In real-life terms though, “go on your own for awhile” means I’m the only grad at my store, a bit of a rarity since some stores got as many as 4 grads. The training metaphor fits the same so I’ll leave it be. Levelling up works good too, since there’s bronze and gold training levels (damn I’m good at analogies). As for kicking the Alliance’s ass, I guess I’ll compare that to… completing this part of the training I guess and going on to the next bit at head office. Which from here on will be called Endor.

A bit off track, but by searching for the above image I found out that Wicket not only has a last name, but a middle name as well. Wtf, mates?

Wicket Wystri Warrick, bitches.

Anywho, this entire post has been derailed. Imma just finish by saying so far so good in regards to the job. If there’s any Trek fans still reading, I reward you with the following:

With 10 minutes to spare!

20 06 2010

Happy Father’s Day to all the pops out there!

Starship:Ā Supermarket

15 06 2010

On Saturday night I will be working my very last shift as a Fortinos cashier as I will be leaving to go on where no man has gone before, blah blah blah. Most nights, I operate as the “second in command”, the pickup girl to the head cashier. The William Riker position.

Saturday night will be different though, because for the first time I will be taking control of the Enterprise and will have to lead the team. As when Jean-Luc Picard was assimilated by the Borg and became Locutus of Borg, my commanding officers, all the head cashiers, will be out of reach and unable to assist in our mission.

The Crew: Wesley Crusher (my brother), the bridge staff (the cashiers), Ten-Forward/Guinan (hot foods+ bean roast), medical (customer service), engineering (grocery + backroom), Worf the tactical officer (the closing manager GF), and Counsellor Troi (Sukhi). It will be a challenge but I do believe in our success.

Pants on theĀ Ground

14 01 2010

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground. The viral video for January 13/14th, everyone will be over this by the 16th…but until then: