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31 08 2010

Some guy at Fan Expo asked to take my photo then said I’d be able to find it on the Fan Expo page…found it! 🙂

Fan Expo 2010

29 08 2010

My experience at Fan Expo 2010 was pretty rare- I actually had a good time. It sucks to hear all the stories that have come out about people getting denied at the doors after paying for their tickets already and having everyone saying that they waited in line for hours. But I actually enjoyed the time I had there, I got out of it exactly what I wanted: to meet Michael Dorn (Worf) + Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and to come home with lots of Star Trek merchandise. Here are some of my pics:

Getting an autograph from Michael Dorn 🙂

He autographed the embroidery I did of him! yay!

Waiting in line for Peter Mayhew

Posing with R2-D2

My merch of the day! yay!

Worf Embroidery

1 08 2010

It’s finally finished! The project I’ve been working on for 2 months has finally reached completion! Woot woo! Here’s some photos:

Can’t wait to get Michael Dorn to autograph this when I meet him at Fan Expo at the end of the month!!


14 07 2010

Greatest episode of all time, 194 “Qpid”. Zomg, fantastic.

To start, there’s goatees everywhere on everyone. Awesome.Vash is back, total badass.

Sorry.“- Worf, after smashing La Forge’s lute.

Sir, I protest! I am not a merry man!“- Worf

I will not play the fool for Q’s amusement!” – Worf

Nice legs… for a Human.“- Worf, of Vash

These lines don’t sound like much when they’re typed out, but my goodness, Worf has the best lines.

Hawtness. I don’t even wanna describe it anymore, it doesn’t do it any justice. So here’s the eye candy.

Just take my advice and go find this Star Trek/Robin Hood episode. I know there’s a couple, but this one is the best. I don’t even have to watch the others to know that.

Away Mission, Stardate 62920.10

29 06 2010

True fact- I don’t know how to type stardates properly. Moving on, today I had my third away mission within a 6 day time frame even though I didn’t even mention the first two. AND I TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE BECAUSE THEY WERE AWESOME. By that I mean I went to the orientation sessions at head office in Brampton for my *new job*.  Such a good time, Galen is as awesome  in person as the commercials would have you believe.

K now, I hate to get your hopes up, but be warned as I’m going to go ahead and mix my fandoms. Click the red x box at the top right of your screen if you’re not into that. Life ain’t Trek-related all the time…

So today I had my first real day at work in St.Catharine’s.  As this isn’t your typical job and is more of a ‘get-paid-to-learn’ thing, it’s got a Dagobah kinda feel to it- go on your own for awhile, train, level up, and kick the Alliance’s ass.

In real-life terms though, “go on your own for awhile” means I’m the only grad at my store, a bit of a rarity since some stores got as many as 4 grads. The training metaphor fits the same so I’ll leave it be. Levelling up works good too, since there’s bronze and gold training levels (damn I’m good at analogies). As for kicking the Alliance’s ass, I guess I’ll compare that to… completing this part of the training I guess and going on to the next bit at head office. Which from here on will be called Endor.

A bit off track, but by searching for the above image I found out that Wicket not only has a last name, but a middle name as well. Wtf, mates?

Wicket Wystri Warrick, bitches.

Anywho, this entire post has been derailed. Imma just finish by saying so far so good in regards to the job. If there’s any Trek fans still reading, I reward you with the following:

185 Data’s Day

22 06 2010

Alritee, they’re trying something different here, a whole episode narrated by the android. It’s one of those “day in the life” things, as Data describes everything he does for a letter to the guy that tried to rip him apart for research purposes a season ago. As a whole its a pretty boring episode, even though there’s a bunch of subplots. The main one I guess is the Enterprise taking aboard a Federation delegate who ends up being a spy for the Romulans. The interesting one though is the O’Brien wedding. Will or won’t it happen?! She called it off, now she isn’t going to, oh drama! Miles O’Brien does end up marrying Keiko, a never-before-seen member of the crew. So I guess this means we’ll be making more trips to the arboretum soon since she works there.  Other parts to this episode:

  • Geordi gets a haircut from this guy, Mot

  • Data has a pet cat named Spot

  • Data learns to dance from Dr.Crusher

All in all, kind of boring, which is too bad cause the last episode before it sucked. We also find out that Data is in charge when everyone else is asleep, what a prize position. Oh, here’s a wedding pic since you were probably wondering:

TNG 183 & 184

22 06 2010

Alritee everybody. I’m feeling good, on a high from a very productive shopping outing with my sister. Clothes and accessories, what more could a girl want? Oh right, Star Trek. Every girl needs Star Trek, so let’s get it on…

Episode 183: Final Mission

This is a monumental one! Wesley Crusher’s last episode as a regular part of the cast! Guest roles from this point on, bitches! K so we start with Picard telling Wesley that he’s gotten admitted into Starfleet Academy cause there’s an opening all of a sudden. Not much is said about this, but I think one of the ensigns must’ve died, cause really, what else could’ve happened? Anyways, woot, Wesley gets to leave in 2 weeks. As his last little special mission, Picard invites him to join him on a special shuttle ride to a mining world cause Captain’s got some negotiating to do. Now, this ain’t one of them special Federation style shuttles, and we’re reminded of that often. To start, it has its own special drunken captain. As well, it looks like this:

So the 3 of them leave (Wes, J-Luc, drunk) and immediately have to crash land on a desolate planet that looks a hell of a lot like Tatooine, minus the twin suns.

They leave an arrow in the wreckage pointing towards where they’re heading so they can be found, then they head for the hills. Meanwhile, Riker’s in charge and he gets a distress call from one of the ugliest aliens I’ve ever seen, Songi:

Gross. Turns out there’s a barge full of radioactive garbage circling her planet and its causing major probs. Eventually (like 80% of the episode later) Riker finally figures out a way to push the barge out of the Gamelan V’s orbit and into a sun. Kablooie! Rewinding a bit, the away team made it to the mountain caves, hurrah. There’s a fountain in there, which is great since Captain Drunko didn’t pack any emergency water in his shuttlecrap. When they approach it though a big forcefield goes up around it and a bunch of rocks fall from the ceiling and crush Picard 😦 . Picard’s alive, but barely. Wes tries to figure out how to turn off the forcefield, but the Drunko doesnt listen and gets himself killed. Once Drunko is out of the picture, Picard and Wesley share their deepest feelings with one another, then Wes breaks the forcefield. Oh yeah, and J-Luc tells Wes to make friends with the groundskeeper at the Academy cause that’s what he did when he went there, and he’s convinced the old man is still around. Since Picard is all broken legged though, Wes serves him water by hand, dripping it into J-Luc’s mouth. Grosss. Then Riker stops worrying about the damn radiation pile and searches for and finds J-Luc and Wesley. The End.

Episode 184: The Loss

Ughhhhhh don’t even get me started on this annoying episode. I’ll be as brief as possible since this episode sucked. The Enterprise gets pulled into a cosmic string (kinda like a blackhole) by two-dimensional beings.

Yup. As a result and in an unexplained way, Deanna Troi loses all empathetic betazoid powers and subsequently loses her shit about it. Deanna is the whiniest of whiny bitches in this episode and resigns from her position as counsellor because she’s can’t sense feelings anymore. While she’s off being useless, the rest of the crew tries everything to break free of the force pulling them in like going to warp and  launching photon torpedos, you know- the usual. To fill time, Deanna and Guinan talk in Ten-Forward. Eventually this dragginggg episode ends. Deanna figures that these 2-D beings are being drawn to the string like moths to a flame, so the Enterprise should mirror one in the opposite direction so that everyone doesn’t die. Yep. Geordie makes it work, everyone lives, and she gets her power back, tah-dah, The End.