185 Data’s Day

22 06 2010

Alritee, they’re trying something different here, a whole episode narrated by the android. It’s one of those “day in the life” things, as Data describes everything he does for a letter to the guy that tried to rip him apart for research purposes a season ago. As a whole its a pretty boring episode, even though there’s a bunch of subplots. The main one I guess is the Enterprise taking aboard a Federation delegate who ends up being a spy for the Romulans. The interesting one though is the O’Brien wedding. Will or won’t it happen?! She called it off, now she isn’t going to, oh drama! Miles O’Brien does end up marrying Keiko, a never-before-seen member of the crew. So I guess this means we’ll be making more trips to the arboretum soon since she works there.  Other parts to this episode:

  • Geordi gets a haircut from this guy, Mot

  • Data has a pet cat named Spot

  • Data learns to dance from Dr.Crusher

All in all, kind of boring, which is too bad cause the last episode before it sucked. We also find out that Data is in charge when everyone else is asleep, what a prize position. Oh, here’s a wedding pic since you were probably wondering:

TNG 183 & 184

22 06 2010

Alritee everybody. I’m feeling good, on a high from a very productive shopping outing with my sister. Clothes and accessories, what more could a girl want? Oh right, Star Trek. Every girl needs Star Trek, so let’s get it on…

Episode 183: Final Mission

This is a monumental one! Wesley Crusher’s last episode as a regular part of the cast! Guest roles from this point on, bitches! K so we start with Picard telling Wesley that he’s gotten admitted into Starfleet Academy cause there’s an opening all of a sudden. Not much is said about this, but I think one of the ensigns must’ve died, cause really, what else could’ve happened? Anyways, woot, Wesley gets to leave in 2 weeks. As his last little special mission, Picard invites him to join him on a special shuttle ride to a mining world cause Captain’s got some negotiating to do. Now, this ain’t one of them special Federation style shuttles, and we’re reminded of that often. To start, it has its own special drunken captain. As well, it looks like this:

So the 3 of them leave (Wes, J-Luc, drunk) and immediately have to crash land on a desolate planet that looks a hell of a lot like Tatooine, minus the twin suns.

They leave an arrow in the wreckage pointing towards where they’re heading so they can be found, then they head for the hills. Meanwhile, Riker’s in charge and he gets a distress call from one of the ugliest aliens I’ve ever seen, Songi:

Gross. Turns out there’s a barge full of radioactive garbage circling her planet and its causing major probs. Eventually (like 80% of the episode later) Riker finally figures out a way to push the barge out of the Gamelan V’s orbit and into a sun. Kablooie! Rewinding a bit, the away team made it to the mountain caves, hurrah. There’s a fountain in there, which is great since Captain Drunko didn’t pack any emergency water in his shuttlecrap. When they approach it though a big forcefield goes up around it and a bunch of rocks fall from the ceiling and crush Picard 😦 . Picard’s alive, but barely. Wes tries to figure out how to turn off the forcefield, but the Drunko doesnt listen and gets himself killed. Once Drunko is out of the picture, Picard and Wesley share their deepest feelings with one another, then Wes breaks the forcefield. Oh yeah, and J-Luc tells Wes to make friends with the groundskeeper at the Academy cause that’s what he did when he went there, and he’s convinced the old man is still around. Since Picard is all broken legged though, Wes serves him water by hand, dripping it into J-Luc’s mouth. Grosss. Then Riker stops worrying about the damn radiation pile and searches for and finds J-Luc and Wesley. The End.

Episode 184: The Loss

Ughhhhhh don’t even get me started on this annoying episode. I’ll be as brief as possible since this episode sucked. The Enterprise gets pulled into a cosmic string (kinda like a blackhole) by two-dimensional beings.

Yup. As a result and in an unexplained way, Deanna Troi loses all empathetic betazoid powers and subsequently loses her shit about it. Deanna is the whiniest of whiny bitches in this episode and resigns from her position as counsellor because she’s can’t sense feelings anymore. While she’s off being useless, the rest of the crew tries everything to break free of the force pulling them in like going to warp and  launching photon torpedos, you know- the usual. To fill time, Deanna and Guinan talk in Ten-Forward. Eventually this dragginggg episode ends. Deanna figures that these 2-D beings are being drawn to the string like moths to a flame, so the Enterprise should mirror one in the opposite direction so that everyone doesn’t die. Yep. Geordie makes it work, everyone lives, and she gets her power back, tah-dah, The End.

With 10 minutes to spare!

20 06 2010

Happy Father’s Day to all the pops out there!

Episode 182: Future Imperfect

20 06 2010

I’m becoming addicted now to this blogging of Star Trek episodess I’ve just watched haha. We’ll see how long I can keep this going for : )

K so Future Imperfect. Hey everybody, its RIKER’S birthday, woot woot! Time to eat cake and play the trombone!  Thank god there’s an away mission to attend to, cause our fave bearded boy sucks at blowing on his instrument. Get your head outta the gutter, there’s a volcanic planet to beam to, little buddy! Wait what’s this, where the hell did O’Brien go? Who is this stranger girl working the transporter? Anyways, doesn’t matter. So yeah, Riker, Worf and Geordi beam on down, and this planet is all gaseous and volcano like, I’m surprised the atmosphere isn’t sulphuric acid. Things go wrong, lots of static, and the stranger girl can’t get them beamed back up. Typical. O’Brien would’ve been all over that shit. End scene, Riker wakes up in medical and Crusher is like woahh slow down there, lemme talk for a sec. Turns out Riker’s been in a coma for awhile and as a result of some virus thing that he picked up whilst on the planet he has forgotten the past 16 YEARS of his life!! And this is all happening 16 years in the future so everything’s different. To summarize- beamed down, got back up, lived life for 16 years, coma, week(s) later, wake up, everything before the beam back up is a blank. K? We learn some crazy shit has gone down:

  • Riker’s now the captain!
  • Riker has gray hair!
  • Geordie isn’t blind!
  • A Ferengi is at the helm!
  • Worf has a scar!
  • Data is the 1st officer!
  • Welsey’s gone!
  • Deanna’s gone!
  • Picard’s gone too!

Buh-what???? AND MOST SHOCKINGLY OF ALL, RIKER HAS A SON NAMED JEAN-LUC RIKER. Yup. Turns out Picard has been made Admiral, Deanna went with him and we’re no longer at war with the Romulans. Bee-tee-dubs, Jean Luc Picard is looking superfoxy with his own goatee.

On with the summary. So yeah, the Fed isn’t warring with the Roms anymore, and they’re like 10 minutes away from signing the big agreement that ends it all for good with Ambassador Tomalak.  But then everything falls apart. Riker figures out that his (now dead) wife was Minuette, the girl that he fell in love with in the holodeck in a previous episode. Data speaks with contractions. Worf has a scar and won’t say which battle he got it from, etc.  It turns out that everything that has happened thus far is all a big charade put on by the Romulans to get access to some special code. But wait, that ends up being a big charade put on by a bored little boy on the volcano planet that’s been abandoned by his mother. Awww. Riker feels bad for him and beams back up to the Enterprise with him, but not before we see that the little boy actually looks like this:

The End.

P.S. Did you notice Riker’s communicator badge? That totally changed toooo!

P.P.S. The following exchange made the whole episode worthwhile:

Captain Riker: “Shut up!
Admiral Picard: “I beg your pardon?
Captain Riker: “I said shut up! As in close your mouth and stop talking.

Captain Riker to Admiral Picard after he discovers the future is false

Episode 181: Reunion

18 06 2010

So the Enterprise is all cruising, right? Then holy crap, a Klingon Bird of Prey is uncloaking! It’s Kaylar!! Wait a second…my mistake, Wikipedia says it’s spelled K’Ehleyr. Whoops. Anyways, yay, Worf’s love is back in town!  Bad news bears though, she’s here to report that trouble is afoot. Chancellor Kimp… K, hold on I’m just going to fact-check names before they get typed from this point on… K’mpec is dying and the Klingons are probably going to go to war with each other pretty soon as a result. K’mpec talks with Picard and wants him to pick the new leader of the Klingons, and since it’s his dying wish for Picard to do so for him, Picard can’t say no to K’mpec. See the thing is though, K’mpec’s been dying a longgg death, and not just cause he’s an old man. He’s been poisoned by someone, one of the two Klingon dudes that wanna be the next leader. Dun dun dun! It’s all up to Picard to figure out who did it. So they go to one of the Klingon ships to prove that yeah, K’mpec really is dead. They do this by poking his body with sticks. Serious. Oh and did I mention that one of the guys that wants to be leader is Duras, the one that pretty well got Worf kicked out of the Klingonhood? Yeah, the guy is a serious dickbag and it’s no surprise when we find out that he’s behind the poisoning. Oh and there’s an explosion that happens too, and he’s behind that as well. Turns out that the bomb was made by Romulans so he’s a doublecrosser just like his daddy was. While Picard has the 2 Klings going through all the ritual things to pick the next champ K’Ehleyr does some sneaky ass research to figure out why Worf got kicked outta the hood. Duras gets super pissed, duh, cause he’s the reason why, AND KILLS HER. Worf LOSESSS IT and kills Duras with his trusty bat’leth. Super awesome. The end.


So yeah, that happens. Worf denies the kid is his so that Alexander won’t get associated with his bad name ( he doesn’t want his son to get a bad rep). But then K’Ehleyr dies so Worf owns up to him by quoting Darth Vader and saying “Yes, I am your father”. No jokes. But since Worf is all bizzy in the hizzy of the Enterprise and can’t really be a single father all of a sudden he sends the kid to be raised by his own parents, the Russian humans that we were introduced to like 5 episodes ago. Awww, nice tie-in.


17 06 2010

That it took me this long to find out about this site: http://jurassicpark.wikia.com/wiki/Jurassic_Park_Wiki . Instant fave.

Trekkie-ing:176, 179, 180

17 06 2010

Tonight I was veryyy productive and spent my time playing Minesweeper for 2 hours. I then decided to chillax a bit and settle in with some Star Trek: TNG. On the docket: Episodes 176, 179, and 180. Funny though, cause I really thought I was watching them in order. Apparently eps 177 +178 got in before 176 did. Whatever, they both sucked anyways. Back to tonight, condensed synopsis/thoughts on the viewings:

176: Suddenly Human

Enterprise gets sent out to help rescue a bunch of 4 teen Talarians on a ship suffering from radiation leaks. But wait! One of them is really a human with awesome feathery hair! Picard tries to get him to accept being a human, his adoptive “dad” that killed his real parents wants him back and threatens Picard even though his ship isn’t even a challenge, what a weiner. Picard plays space squash with the kid named Jono/Jeremiah and he cries like a baby. Then they try to go eat ice cream at Ten Forward and Jono gets it all over Wesley in a physically impossible way. They laugh, then its bedtime. All is well until Jono takes a Klingon dagger that Picard just has chilling in his quarters and stabs J-Luc in the sternum. Picard is then just like ‘Fuck this, dude, just take your son back, I don’t even care that I promised his gramma I’d bring him back to her’. Highlights: 1.Picard in spandex. 2. This:

179: Remember Me

A Bev Crusher episode for once. She’s all just chilling with her old old old man friend, talking about their dead spouses, a hint of a romance(?) in the air. Eww. Wes Crush is playing around in eng again, Geordi is pisssssed. Especially when his experiment sets off a flash of light that practically blinds Geordi. Wait, that doesn’t make sense, Geordi is already blind. Anyways, flash of light, Bev is in Eng when it happens cause she’s hovering as always and doesn’t trust Wes with shit all. Old dude goes missing. Then 800 members of the staff. Then 900. Then HOLY FUCK WORF IS MISSING NOW TOO. Everyone thinks Bev is off her rocker cause she’s the only one noticing everyone leaving. Gets to the point where its just her and Picard left, a chance at sexytimes perhaps? Nopes, he takes off too so its just her left. She somehow learns a bunch of engineering gobbledygook within the last 10 minutes and figures out that ‘hey, maybe this has something to do with Wes’ experiment’. Well duh, of course it does, nothing else has happened in this episode  that would suggest otherwise.  While all this is happening Wes contacts the “Traveller” dude from the first or second season, I can’t remember. They don’t even say how he does it. The Traveller helps him think outside the boundaries of space and time and memory through “forgetting his guilt”. K. Eventually, with like 2 seconds to spare they get Bev back, everyone’s happy, I need a hug.

180: Legacy

Drastic measure are taken and 2 Federation dudes hafta abandon ship and shuttle down to the planet where Tasha Yarr was born, I already forget its name. Anyways, its the one with the RAPE GANGS and I’m glad Worf remembers it as such and doesn’t wanna go down there. So the away team gets there, meets with the leader of the Coallition/Alliance, I don’t care which cause it doesn’t matter. The leader guy is super douchey. Anyways, they come up with a plan to get the two dudes back, and it involves working with someone who claims to be Tasha’s never mentioned before sister, Ishara. Nice naming of the kids, bee-tee-dubs. But is she realllllyy her sister?? Dun dun dun! Yeah, she is, don’t know why all that unnecessary drama was needed. Plan plan plan. Ishara hits on Data, I guess the girls have a type. Then they go through with the plan, but then she goes rogue and tries to take down the opposing side now that she’s deeper in their HQ than ever possible before. Wah wah wah, she lied to us and said she wanted to join the Federation 😥 ! Note to producers: Unnecessary camel-toe was unnecessary. 2nd note: Next time, hire someone who has more than one facial range, k?

Anywhos, that’s all I got for tonight. Now, go on home and don’t forget to wash your Han S.