8 01 2010

Past couple of days have been pretty ho-hum around here. Up until Tuesday Graeme was studying for the CKE which meant lots of quiet time for myself to sit around and watch the entire 2nd season of The Big Bang theory, among other things. But anyways, he has since gone back to work and we’re slowly getting back into our regular post-holidays schedules. Wednesday night we watched a few episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, for instance. My god what an annoying one that is. It really just isn’t doing itself any favours in trying to win me over to their fandom. Captain Archer is way too emotional, kind of a dick and also micromanages his entire crew beyond belief. In one of the eps we just saw they come across another ship so since they clearly weren’t on a mission for whatever illogical reason, he decides to let them board the Enterprise just to take a look around the place. Seriously, it was like the equivalent of a guy sitting on his porch all day, and when someone walks by, inviting them in for coffee and Mariokart. Eventually trouble occurs when one of the visitors is/isn’t from the future, it’s hard to say. Anyways, back to other issues I’m having with the show. T’Paul is a huge bitch, and I know she’s a Vulcan and all, and how that should explain why she is so cold, but come on now. When the entire reason for the Enterprise existing is so that humankind can explore places they never been before and meet new alien life, the *science officer* of all people doesn’t wanna step foot outside of the bridge. Lame. She could at least be somewhat interested in some of their missions and not so focused on the ship “staying the course” at all possible times. Moving on, I dislike just about every name they gave anybody, Hoshi and Flox being the main issues. Anyways, it does have some redeeming factors I suppose, and I really do hope that eventually I’ll actually like the series even if it doesn’t make sense that it is way more technically able than the *later* (remember, this was supposed to be a prequel to the Original Series) Enterprise ever was. Redeeming factor 1: McDowell aka Enterprise’s version of Jurassic Park’s Muldoon. Redeeming factor 2: Tripp- he puts everyone in their place whilst having a silly accent. Also the closest thing Enterprise has to a prettyboy on deck. Oh gawwd though I just remembered the worst part of the entire series so far- Archer’s quarters’ diary logs. The ones where he pauses every 20 seconds- computer, pause- to ask his DOG what he thinks. Wow this whole post got waaay off-topic, but whatever, I like it. Tomorrow (later today technically) me and G are planning on going to view Avatar as we have yet to see it, hence this post’s name. I’m worried it may be sold out when we go but I’ll do my best to stay positive and hope for the best. 98% of the reviews I’ve heard have said great things about it. Technically the only “poor” review it got was from Graeme’s brother, so that doesn’t really count for anything, the bastard hates everything. Anywhos, I’m out for now, I can’t believe this whole post was Star Trek centered. Hilarious.